Vie Di Romans

Vie Di Romans

      As the quotes below from Antonio Galloni and Monica Larner support, I'm not alone in being a fan of Vie di Romans from Northern Italy.

      “Gianfranco Gallo's Vie di Romans is one of the most accomplished, quality-minded estates in Italy. I am always impressed by their offerings.”
      Monica Larner,

      I'm offering four wines this vintage. The highlight, in my mind, is the "Dessimis" Pinot Grigio. It's very different from what you would expect from the variety. Aside from that, it's just utterly delightful and satisfying with a texture that is so unusual for a white wine. It never fails to put a smile on my face and is a wonderful match with such a variety of cuisines.

      “Proprietor Gianfranco Gallo is one of the leading producers in Friuli. His wines typically seek a rich, lush expression of fruit.”
      Antonio Galloni,

      Their 'Flor di Uis', a quirky blend of 57% Malvasia Istriana, 35% Rhine Riesling, and 8% Friulano, is 'a charmer,' according to It's a rich, off-dry style that has had a very loyal following among my customers over the years.

      The Chardonnay, and 'Piere' Sauvignon are rather more typical of their respective varieties. They share ripeness from the Mediterranean influence, but also precision and freshness from the Alpine influence.
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