Domaine Felettig, Chambolle-Musigny
Burgundy, France

Domaine Felettig, based in Chambolle-Musigny, are without question the Burgundy producer I most wanted to include in my range. It’s particularly satisfying to be able to start with an offer based on the 2020s, a wonderful vintage in Burgundy.

I first visited in 2015 and have been smitten since. I want Abingdon Fine Wine to build a reputation for being able to offer wines which punch above their price and starting from just £16.67 per bottle all in, 'Les Graviers' does just that. It’s one of only a few wines I buy every vintage without fail for my own collection - it’s brilliant! Their range just gets even better from there and peaks at their sensational 1ers Crus Chambolles included below.

But don’t just take my word for it, this is just a handful of quotes from the critics, every year their enthusiasm grows and more admirers come on board.

“The 2020 vintage is another striking success chez Felettig”
William Kelley
As I wrote only a few months ago, this small domaine in Chambolle-Musigny produces serious, age-worthy wines that deserve to be better known.
William Kelley
“Keep an eye on Felettig. Actually, I have been saying that for a couple of years now.”
Neal Martin
“I have long been a fan of the Felettig wines.”
Allen Meadows
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