Bordeaux 2023 En Primeur:

Given Margaux's size and the variety of terroir, it can often be the most inconsistent appellation of the Médoc, though that seemed less evident this year. I certainly feel the peaks of 2023 compare favourably to the likes of Pauillac, with the 2023 hallmark freshness, aromatics, and ripe but not overripe fruit suiting Margaux perfectly.

Château Margaux was arguably my wine of the vintage (Vieux Château Certan and Canon are two other contenders). Both wines from Château Palmer were rather more powerful than Margaux but wonderful all the same. Rauzan-Ségla, Dauzac, Brane-Cantenac and Labégorce complete my highlights, but there really was so much to enjoy here.

Bordeaux 2023 En Primeur: <br>Margaux
NameAOCScores Case formatPrice Availability
Château SiranMargaux 89-91 RP, 92-94 NM 6x75cl £126.00
Château Prieuré-LichineMargaux 4ème Grand Cru Classé91-92 RP, 91-93 NM 6x75cl £144.00
Château Marquis d'AlesmeMargaux 3ème Grand Cru Classé93-95 AG, 94 JA 6x75cl £170.00
Château Malescot St ExupéryMargaux 3ème Grand Cru Classé93-95 RP, 96-97 JS 6x75cl £195.00
Château LabégorceMargaux 92-94 NM, 92-93 JS 6x75cl £124.00
Château Durfort-VivensMargaux 2ème Grand Cru Classé94-95 RP, 95-96 JS 6x75cl £240.00
Château du TertreMargaux 5ème Grand Cru Classé92-94 RP, 95-96 JS 6x75cl £162.00
Château d'IssanMargaux 3ème Grand Cru Classé93-95 RP, 91-93 NM 6x75cl £225.00
Château d'ArsacMargaux89-91 NM, 89-90 JS 6x75cl £78.00
Château DauzacMargaux 5ème Grand Cru Classé94-95 JS, 94 JA 6x75cl £195.00

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